What’s the difference between the Detailer Li and the Hi-Viz trimmer?

Use: The Detailer Li features a full-sized clipper motor, which is ideal for bulk hair removal. The Hi-Viz has a thin neck that improves visibility and control. It allows you to focus on small details and finishing touches. We recommend starting with the Detailer Li and finishing with the Hi-Viz. 

Battery indicator: The Hi-Viz has three lights on the front to indicate battery level. The Detailer Li battery light shows battery charge with a single solid, flashing, or pulsing light. 

Charge: The Hi-Viz comes with an updated charge stand that’s compatible with other 5V Wahl Pro cordless trimmers. When not in the stand, the Hi-Viz can be charged with the 5V cord (included) or using a USB-C cord. The Detailer Li has a 5V charge stand and charging cable. You can charge both with the Wahl Professional Power Station™.  

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