What Is The Difference Between A Wahl Animal Clipper And A Trimmer?

The detachable blade and 5-in-1 clippers are designed to fully body clip the majority of household pets. Wahl’s KM Cordless, KMX, KM10, KM5, KM2, Power Grip, MaxCoat, and SS-PRO are great for all breed types including equine, large animal, and vet. Our 5-in-1 clippers including the Wahl Figura, Arco, 5 Style Groom, Bravura, Chromado, and Creativa can full-body clip small to medium-sized dogs and cats.

Where you will see some differences between our clippers and trimmers is:

  • Our trimmers are offered with a single cut length blade, while our clippers have a range of options between #50 and #3F including specialty blades that can be easily detached and interchanged.
  • Our professional clippers do tend to be larger and more robust given their usage. While our professional trimmers are very compact and lightweight which are ideal for getting into those hard-to-reach areas, including paws, pads, faces, ears, and sanitary trims.
  • We do offer stainless steel attachment guide combs ranging from 1/8”- 1” for our detachable and 5-in-1 blade style clippers. Whereas for our trimmers the longest attachment guide comb available will go up to 0.74”.