What Are The Different Cut Length Settings Of My Wahl 5-in-1 Blade?

Each of our Wahl 5-in-1 Clippers ( Arco, Bravura, Creativa, 5 Style Groom, Chromado, and Figura) comes equipped with a 5-in-1 fine blade and is compatible with all of our 5-in-1 style blades ( Pro, Diamond, Coarse). The 5-in-1 simply means 5 cut lengths in 1 blade, from left to right the blade settings go #9 (3mm)-#10-#15-#30-#40 (surgical). We like to recommend starting the #9 or #10 setting and working your way to the #15 or #30 for a shorter cut length if desired. The #40 setting on our Wahl 5-in-1 blades is a very close cut, if you decide to use this setting, please be cautious to avoid any cuts or nicks to your pet's skin.
  • #9 (3mm cut length)
  • #10 (2.4mm cut length) 
  • #15 (1.9mm cut length) 
  • #30 (1.3mm cut length)
  • #40 (0.7mm cut length)  

Check out one of our Wahl Professional Animal step-by-step instructional videos for more information on “How to Use a Wahl ‘5-in-1’ Blade."