What Are The Differences Between The Wahl 5-in-1 Blades?

Wahl Animal offers four types of 5-in-1 blades: fine, coarse, pro, and diamond. Here’s the difference:  

5-in-1 Fine- 

- The original 5-in-1 blade 

- Ideal for most standard coat types

- Comes equipped with each of our 5-in-1 style clippers (Arco, 5 Style Groom, Bravura, Creativa, Chromado, Figura

5-in-1 Coarse-  

- Ideal for thick, curly, and/or matted coats 

- Built to tackle thick coats with blade teeth further apart than our 5-in-1 fine blade  

5-in-1 Pro- 

- Designed with a protective shield to reduce hair from falling into the blade and clipper 

- Built with a reinforced blade tab, making it more durable than the 5-in-1 fine and coarse blade  

  5-in-1 Diamond-  

- Has a rust-resistant coating  

- Most durable 5-in-1 blade Wahl Animal offers  

- Longer life than other 5-in-1 blades with proper maintenance