What Are The Differences Between The Wahl Animal 5 Style Groom And Arco Clippers?

Although the 5 Style Groom and Arco look similar, there are key differences between the two clippers. Keep reading!  


5 Style Groom(small dogs, cats, and equine)  

1.) For the high-end home pet groomer 
2.) Ideal for light body clipping and trim work on small-medium pets 
3.) Includes an 11-piece kit with a plastic storage case, charging stand, extra battery, and four plastic attachment guide combs  


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Arco - (small and large dogs, cats, equine, and cattle) 

1.) Professional, all-day use 
2.) For trim work on faces, paws, pads, ears, and sanitary areas on all coat types  
3.) Ideal for surgical prep and wound care at a vet clinic  
4.) Includes a 12-piece kit with a soft storage case, charging stand, two replacement batteries, and four professional attachment guide combs  


Both the 5 Style Groom and the Arco include Wahl Animal’s original 5-in-1 fine blade, an adjustable blade with lengths #9, #10, #15, #30 and #40. Each clipper kit includes a blade cleaning brush and oil.