My Horse Has Cushing's - What Would You Recommend For Clipping Through Her Thick Hair?


Lister Star

The Lister Star clipper is a heavy-duty clipper with heavy-duty blades, ready to tackle even the wooliest, thickest Cushing's hair there is.  t comes equipped with a Lister A2F/AC Fine blade, which has a clipping surface width of 3 inches for quick clipping and has a cut length of 1.4 mm (3/64”). The Star also comes equipped with a 16 foot cord, a removable air filter for easy cleaning, and a ventilated, self-cleaning head that prevents blades from overheating.

For more information, check out the Lister Star product page

Power Grip

The Wahl Power Grip is a 2 speed clipper that is the perfect combination of power and function. Not only will it stay cool when clipping thick coats (believe us when we say, we have used this on Cushing's hair! It works!), it also runs quietly to keep noise-sensitive horses comfortable and calm.

The horse-specific kit of this product comes with an extra wide #10 blade to help you cover more ground quicker. We would also recommend you have a few of these wide #10 blades on hand, as well as some Blade Ice, because clipping hair that thick will cause them to heat up.  

For more information, check out the Power Grip product page.