Essential Products For Clipper & Trimmer Hygiene and Maintenance

Wahl Oil


Apply Wahl Oil to your clipper or trimmer blades after each cut to prolong blade life. Refer to the maintenance guide or video below for proper oiling techniques.


Wahl Clini-Clip Disinfectant Spray


Disinfect any clipper or trimmer blade under two minutes! Clini-Clip Disinfectant Spray kills bacterial, fungicidal, virucidal, and tuberculocidal organisms to keep you or your clients protected. Clini-Clip Disinfectant Spray can reduce the friction and heat caused by under lubricated blades as well as reduce the likelihood of your blades becoming dull from lack of optimum blade care. Wipe off any excess Clini-Clip Disinfectant Spray and follow up with Wahl Oil for optimal blade performance.